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Graphite Drawing After Leonardo da Vinci

Drawing of Male Nude After Leonardo da Vinci

So here we have a drawing done in ‘you guessed it’ graphite pencil. I’m not sure why I have to say ‘graphite’ before pencil. Pretty much all pencils are now made of graphite. There was once a time when pencils were made of lead. There was lead in paint, water pipes and gas. But since lead is toxic it was replaced. I feel sorry for the people that worked in the lead business. They were living the capitalist dream until they found out they not only were constantly exposed to a toxic substance, but they were also out of a job. I wonder if they found them both out on the same day. That would have been very unfortunate.

“I feel sorry for the people that worked in the lead business.”

Let’s get back to the above drawing. It is a copy of a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. The original is described as ‘nude man standing back to spectator.’ As you can see that pretty much sums up what it is. As I have stated earlier, it was copied from a book on old master drawings. During the pandemic, which is still going on, I set out to copy every drawing in that book. There are 100 figure drawings. I must admit whenever I post one of these pictures I feel a bit strange. When I post a drawing of a nude women I wonder if people will think I’m some kind of pervert and if I post a drawing of a nude man then they might think I’m a gay pervert. I have also been posting these drawings on my Instagram account and I’ve been attracting some men that are, how do I put it, “light in the loafer”. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s a strange feeling to receive unwanted attention. This must be how a lot of women feel.

Anyway, let’s get back to the drawing. The original was done in red chalk. It is in the Royal Library located in the Windsor Castle just outside of London.