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Glass Tile Bench

A clean simple wood bench made from reclaimed 2×4’s. They are screwed and glued together. Then primed and painted white. The top of the bench was made from reclaimed glass tile samples. The bench goes fairly well in any decor. It’s the opposite of the usual garden decor and woodland decor to be found on It’s one of those furniture pieces that somehow got lost on the way to a particular body of work or portfolio. There are times when the wood bench will fit it. However, at the same time seems to be wildly out of place. This semi-whimsical wood and tile bench is minimalistic which is such a big fancy word. Actually I don’t think it is a real word since it comes up as misspelled and everyone knows that spell check is never wrong. Anyway, I’m suppose to write at least 300 words in each blog post for some reason. Therefore no one in their right mind would read all of this. But you’ve gotten this far, so you might as well finish. Getting back to the bench in question. I don’t remember making this semi-fine but fairly basic piece of furniture. The bench is about as comfortable as it looks, which is to say, not very much. The mosaic glass tile bench can and is often, if not all the time, being used as a table. Not so much a rustic tile bench but a not very sophisticated mosaic tile bench either. This interesting tile bench would be at home in any decor or no decor. It might make for a conversational piece. You can start and perhaps maintain a conversation with friends, relatives or perhaps a wandering Jehovah Witness. It might not make for a great conversation but an interesting one nonetheless. Then the conversation might turn into yet another conversation about other pieces of furniture. Whether they be of the minimal, maximal or rustic variety. The glass tile bench is painted white to go with any decor or perhaps an all white office like that of a newly purchased condo or perhaps a fashionable workplace. I have some rustic woodland furniture and accessories that I will post soon.