Acrylic Paintings at the Anne Kolb Nature Center

anne kolb gallery painting artanne kolb gallery painting artanne kolb gallery paintings artart gallery paintings bradluthin


I have a few paintings being shown at the Anne Kolb Nature Center as part of the “Creativity Shared” art exhibit will be at the Anne Kolb Nature Center exhibit hall from April 29 to May 29, 2016.  We will be having a reception on Friday, May 6, from 5pm to 7pm. The address is at 751 Sheridan St., Hollywood, FL 33019.

Wooden Patio Chair

Reclaimed Wood Garden Patio Chair

This patio chair was made from two reclaimed wooden pallets. One with plainsawn pine on top and the other with a particle, OSB, strandboard, or a bunch of mulch glued together. I’m not exactly sure what you call it but it does add some contrast to the chair. It is assembled with exterior screws and wood glue. I then added a red cedar weatherproof outdoor finish. Unfortunately, they don’t make a pallet wood finish. Then I sanded the chair to make it more ‘rustic’ or ‘worn in’ or something to that effect or affect. Furniture and accessories made from reclaimed wood pallets have become all the rage. It is a great idea to reuse discarded wood from an environmental perspective. That of course sounds better than saying you are too lazy or cheap to make that fun trip to Home Depot or Lowes. Where you wander around aimlessly looking for an employee to help you. Then that employee is talking to someone else who is asking an endless stream of questions. Then when the employee finishes and immediately starts to briskly walk away, you are able to stop them and ask them where to find the things you need. However, they have no idea what you are talking about because that is not their department. That is when they instruct you to head ‘that way’ and look for another employee. And so the cycle continues. Then usually on your own, you find what you need. Then you walk a few more miles pushing a big pile of lumber on a poorly designed and maintained metal cart. But, I digress, the design of this reclaimed wood patio chair is based on the ‘Limbert’ chair made during the Arts & Crafts Movement. If you would like to learn more about the Arts & Crafts Movement, you could ‘google’ it (after reading this find blog post) or perhaps hire a ‘history detective’ who will then ‘google’ it for you for a nominal charge. The chair was designed to fit the size and shape of a 19-century European. Therefore it has little use in 21-century America. Unless of course, you happen to be a pre-teen (or to be more politcally correct a “tween”). I don’t see the point in writing anymore about this chair, since I’m sure both of us have more interesting things to do.


Wooden Beach Folding Chair

rustic wood folding chair

This Rustic wood folding chair is made for the beach. It has never actually been to the beach. It has heard about the beach and even seen pictures, but it has never been. The folding chair has basically been on the front porch watching the cars going by. This wood chair has also seen the occasional Jehovas Witness as well as traveling salesmen selling landscaping services, magazine subsriptions and automobile windshields. Yes, a man once offered to examine my windshield for free to see if I needed a new one and lo and behold he found a problem. It was some kind of blemish, perhaps a nick or scratch of some sort. This man had the eyes of an eagle. Anyway, I passed on his windshield replacement or repair services. But I did keep the free window inspection. The chair and I where both bewildered. Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand. It was made from a discarded wooden shipping container. That perhaps was used to ship something somewhat large. The wood container was disassembled (obviously) and then hand planed by hand. The slats where then rounded with a drawknife and then but together with exterior grade wood screws. I can’t remember what type of finish I used because it was made about ten or so years ago. The reclaimed wood chair has a weathered look, mainly due to the weather. This folding beach chair has seen better days and I have seen better chairs. There are actually two of these wooden chairs. The other one looks exactly like the other. So just hit the ‘refresh’ button on your web browser and it will be just like seeing the other one. If you are interested in some other rustic woodcrafts I have made go to the gallery page at this website or click on the Etsy link to go to my store “BradLuthinWoodcrafts”. Thank you for your time.




Outdoor Garden Bench


Here is a outdoor rustic woodland bench made from reclaimed wood. Ok the wood is not reclaimed. It was claimed from Home Depot. Of course Home Depot claimed in from a tree so in that case I was reclaiming it from them. And why I’m correcting my previous statements the wood bench is not really in the ‘woodland’ style. Although there are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes the ‘woodland style’. I just like saying the word woodland. It is all the rage in the mom groups all across the suburban landscape. The rustic wood bench is based on a plain by black and decker. It has a scalloped back and rounded arm rests. This gives it the look and feel of garden log furniture. This rustic bench fits in with any garden decor. Including the red hot new woodland gardens. Whatever a woodland garden looks like. Even if someone had a fairy garden and those fairies (not the one with the garden) but the fairies for whom the garden is for, had their own garden for humans or some type of ‘human like’ form, then the bench could be used for them. That was a really long run on sentence. Was it not? Moving on. This rustic bench was made to replace a worn out adirondack bench made from reclaimed plywood. That is really irrelevant, but then again most of this post is so not relevant. This garden bench is very sturdy. And can support many a persons. It is as strong as a ship. If that ship happens to be made of pressure treated two by fours. Then is also finished with a waterproof stain/varnish for plenty of outdoor use. This rustic bench is also slightly more comfortable that it looks. Which is to say it is a little bit less comfortable. It would go great with other rustic furniture, such as, but not limited to log tables, wood Adirondack chairs, plants, planters, plant stands, things made with tree branches and many other garden, rustic, woodland and wooden decor.


Glass Tile Bench

A clean simple wood bench made from reclaimed 2×4’s. They are screwed and glued together. Then primed and painted white. The top of the bench was made from reclaimed glass tile samples. The bench goes fairly well in any decor. It’s the opposite of the usual garden decor and woodland decor to be found on It’s one of those furniture pieces that somehow got lost on the way to a particular body of work or portfolio. There are times when the wood bench will fit it. However, at the same time seems to be wildly out of place. This semi-whimsical wood and tile bench is minimalistic which is such a big fancy word. Actually I don’t think it is a real word since it comes up as misspelled and everyone knows that spell check is never wrong. Anyway, I’m suppose to write at least 300 words in each blog post for some reason. Therefore no one in their right mind would read all of this. But you’ve gotten this far, so you might as well finish. Getting back to the bench in question. I don’t remember making this semi-fine but fairly basic piece of furniture. The bench is about as comfortable as it looks, which is to say, not very much. The mosaic glass tile bench can and is often, if not all the time, being used as a table. Not so much a rustic tile bench but a not very sophisticated mosaic tile bench either. This interesting tile bench would be at home in any decor or no decor. It might make for a conversational piece. You can start and perhaps maintain a conversation with friends, relatives or perhaps a wandering Jehovah Witness. It might not make for a great conversation but an interesting one nonetheless. Then the conversation might turn into yet another conversation about other pieces of furniture. Whether they be of the minimal, maximal or rustic variety. The glass tile bench is painted white to go with any decor or perhaps an all white office like that of a newly purchased condo or perhaps a fashionable workplace. I have some rustic woodland furniture and accessories that I will post soon.